If you’re going to ask people to review your book before it’s published (so you can use the reviews in pre-launch promotions, or include excerpts, called blurbs, on your book’s front or back cover), the easiest way to do so is by providing them with what’s called an Advance Review Copy or ARC. You’ll also need ARCs to apply for contests and awards.

For indie authors using a print-on-demand supplier, an ARC is essentially the same as your finished book, although it may not have the final cover, and there may still be a few typos inside that you haven’t corrected yet.

If you’re using print-on-demand, creating an ARC fits right into the workflow — just be sure it’s clearly marked as an ARC, so readers who notice typos don’t think they’re seeing your final book. You can print “Advance Review Copy” right on the front or back cover, and then remove it (by uploading a new cover file without that copy) when you’re ready to publish your book.

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