Book Launch Tasks

Remember that there are several important tasks to have underway well before you launch (start now). Then, starting 6 to 8 months pre-launch, you’ll need to plan your strategy, create some materials, and start promoting.

Be aware that no one does all these things for their launch. Think of these this tasks as a menu of possibilities rather than a to-do list.


  1. Know yourself, and decide on your launch goals
  2. Develop a marketing plan
  3. Consider a promotional partner
  4. Plan your author events and book your venues
  5. Set up pre-launch communications
  6. Plan your big launch event; recruit a team to help
  7. Be sure you will have enough copies of your book on hand
  8. Schedule social media updates for launch week/day
  9. Prepare your presentation
  10. Make a list of things to bring to your launch party
  11. Recruit friends to help at the big event


  1. Media kit
  2. Video trailer
  3. Flyers, postcards, posters and swag
  4. Give-aways and special offers


  1. Send out Advance Review Copies (ARCs)
  2. Implement your strategy for reviews and blurbs
  3. Initiate long-lead PR projects
  4. Get your audience engaged with your book
  5. Take advantage of short-lead press opportunities
  6. Ramp up social media presence
  7. Send media kits/review kits
  8. Set up your author accounts
  9. Consider a Goodreads giveaway
  10. Update your website
  11. Announce and invite (6 weeks out)
  12. Distribute flyers and postcards

What’s Next?