DeadLoveFiction presents a special challenge when it comes to pre-launch communications, because the author can’t usually write about an area of expertise or the benefits of reading the book (beyond a generalized promise of inspiration or entertainment), or provide supplementary worksheets like a non-fiction author might.

But fiction offers an excellent opportunity to blog in character.

When Linda Watanabe McFerrin launched Dead Love, she blogged every day as the book’s heroine, Erin:

My name is Erin and I am not a zombie, though my boyfriend, the gangster, Ryu, and the ghoul, Clément, tried to make one of me. They nearly succeeded, too, but Clément blew it …

DeadLoveLinda’s — or Erin’s — posts introduced readers to the book’s characters and got them involved in the Dead Love story before the book was even available. It was an excellent pre-publication sales strategy.

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