buzzAnd Why Do I Need It?

I knew I was supposed to “build a buzz” about my book, but I didn’t really understand why, let alone how to do it. That’s because I didn’t really understand PR—but I did know that lots of smart, experienced people thought it was important.

My background is in advertising, and there’s an old rule of thumb that says people need to have heard about a product (e.g., your book) at least seven times before they’ll begin to notice it. Buzz is the noise that develops when people are noticing your book. It’s the sum of every “impression” your book makes on people, whether that comes from seeing a flyer about your book in a coffee shop window, hearing you on the radio, or reading about your upcoming launch in the community events section of the local newspaper.

If the big ad agencies need to make at least seven impressions on people before they notice a product, you’re going to have to do the same. Get the word out about your book however you can. This is one area you might want to get help with; I found Quatrain PR an incredibly helpful resource.

My first buzz-building experience was a great success …

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