Congratulations; the heavy lifting is done!

You’ve got the masterplan under control, you’ve developed collateral materials, and you’ve set up your systems. But there’s still a lot to do at 3 to 5 months before your launch. Use the links for more info:


  1. Plan your author events and book your venues
  2. Set up pre-launch communications


  1. Take advantage of short-lead press opportunities
  2. Ramp up your social media presence
  3. Send media kits/review kits
  4. Set up your author accounts
  5. Consider a Goodreads giveaway
  6. Update your website
  7. Initiate pre-launch sales strategy
  8. Apply for contests/awards

Remember that you may decide not to do everything on these lists. I certainly didn’t—because I didn’t know exactly what to do and hadn’t allowed enough time to do it. But I had a successful launch anyway. Here’s the last timeline list: What to do 1 to 2 months pre-launch …